Antigua & Barbuda’s 2015-2020 National Action Plan Combatting Desertification, Land Degradation & Drought

07 Jan 2019

The National Action Plan: Combatting Desertification, Land Degradation & Drought (DLDD) is a result of collaboration between local agencies and stakeholders to craft a national response by the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda to the UNCCD and the wider international community to devise a national desertification, land degradation and drought response system which uses indicators and modern technology to make an assessment of vulnerability by employing the research collected in the process of authoring this plan.This document seeks to address issues of serious DLDD in Antigua and Barbuda and serves as a guide to the national situation and highlights areas where mitigation and adaptation should occur. It fosters clearer pathways towards coordinated and strategic actions to address the effects of DLDD and identifies gaps in human and technological resources. It aims to: i. describe how the components of DLDD manifest in and affect Antigua and Barbuda; ii. explain how the nation and its people predict, record and respond to these events; and iii. outline our desired strategy to effectively achieve resilience to and manage these impacts in accordance to the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy.

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