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The journey of indigenous peoples' rights in Peru
Peru as a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country in which 47 different languages are spoken and about 55 indigenous peoples. Read more
Who is Latin America and the Caribbean leaving behind? | Jessica Faieta
The SDGs recognize the virtue of inclusive, sustainable economic growth that respects the environment and strengthens institutional and regulatory frameworks.Read more
A symphony of hope
For youth in Panama, building a secure future starts with hitting the right note.Read more
10 things we all should know about indigenous people
It’s a good time for all of us to consider why it’s important to protect indigenous peoples’ rights. Read more
Every day is our day | Myrna Cunningham
9 August is a date to make visible the different realities, histories and struggles of over 370 million men and women from some 5,000 indigenous peoples in the world.Read more
United for a clean city
Peruvian recyclers combat the impact of waste on the environment and on people’s health.Read more
Millions of Latin Americans risk sliding back into poverty
New generation of public policies crucial to prevent setbacks.Read more

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When we began our work five decades ago, one in three people worldwide lived in poverty. Now? Just one in eight. Let’s finish the job.

Latin America and the Caribbean

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of the population are considered vulnerable


of the population lives in urban areas


of all legislators and senior officials are female


of the people in the region feel safe