UNDP and OECS provide skills training in ‘at risk’ communities

For the region, it is crucial to invest in people, environment, sustainable and affordable energy, institutional efficiency, stability and security as these are key factors to boost economic growth.

Dominican Republic
Dominican women: Creativity from banana waste

With support from UNDP, more than 700 women completed training in planning, enterprise management, use of information and communication technologies, and productive and community linkages.

Helen Clark: Statement on International Women's Day

The time is now to resolve to clear away the barriers to gender equality in the world of work and all other spheres.

Cuba protecting its coastal and marine ecosystem

Cuba is a small island developing state (SIDS) and the protection of its coastal and marine ecosystems is a strategic issue,

Communities come together to protect water and biodiversity in Colombia

Communities engaged in participatory ecological restoration on 56 hectares strategic for water conservation.

2016, a year for Global Goals

The region has witnessed historical moments and praised the strength, unity and resilience of its countries. From peace processes to disaster recovery and much more, UNDP has delivered support to millions of people and contributed in making significant progress towards sustainable development.

Three months after Hurricane Matthew, seven years after the earthquake | Yvonne Helle

Three months after the disaster, people in the most affected areas still need immediate help to meet their basic needs.

Latin America and the Caribbean
South-South Cooperation Award: from Latin America and the Caribbean to the world | Fernando Galindo

The S3award 2016 has been an opportunity for all country offices to give greater visibility to their work in SSC and expand the possibilities of establishing new regional and interregional exchanges.