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Building Safe Spaces for Trans People in Haiti

Kay Trans is one of the few shelters for young transgender men and women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Managed by two local associations and with supported by the United Nations Programme for Development…  

Leaving a good footprint in Latin America

For almost a decade, we at UNDP have been exploring how to give more space to the private sector in climate action, most recently with the assistance of the NDC Support Programme and the Climate…  

A Multidimensional Approach to Address Violence Against Women and Girls and Femicide/Feminicide in Latin America and the Caribbean

Despite the progress made in the region, impunity, as well as political and social tolerance, are still high, and the victims or survivors, especially those in vulnerable situations, continue to face…  

16 Days Are Not Enough – We Must Fight Violence Against Women Everyday

Each year starting on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, global advocates work tirelessly for 16 days of activism to draw attention to the high levels…  

Women Entrepreneurs

Building local resilience after natural disasters in Haiti  

Transitional justice and the social contract in Latin America and the Caribbean

Everything is stored in the memory  

UNDP works with governments to promote gender equality in public institutions in the region

The Global Gender Equality Seal Program for Public Institutions a groundbreaking initiative which promotes gender equality in the public sphere.  

The Gender Penalties of the Pandemic: The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women’s labor market outcomes

This Graph For Thought revisits the question of how COVID-19 has deepened pre-existing gender inequalities in the labor market, but uses additional data on household composition to explore this issue…  

UNDP Gender Equality Strategy: 2020 Annual Report

This annual report highlights UNDP's progress on its Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2021 and key achievements made in closing gender gaps in 2020. The report explores emerging trends and challenges…  

Gender equality: the catalyst that will allow us to design effective intervention strategies for all in LAC

Promoting gender equality is not an issue that is simply added on but an essential component for achieving environmental objectives and goals.  

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