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Learning from the recent past to build forward: Five COVID-19 lessons for recovery

As 2021 draws to a close, we have learned even more. In this post, I revisit 5 #GraphForThought entries from this year which jointly remind us of the enormity and urgency of the challenge we are…  

Promoting local development in Latin America through human mobility

On this Migrant Day, at UNDP we renew our commitment to continue creating spaces for dialogue and empowerment of the population in a condition of human mobility both with host communities and with…  

What People Think about Inequality and How They Think Policy Should React

Chapter 2. Regional Human Development Report 2021  

Easier said than done: Gaps in the vaccination process in Latin America and the Caribbean

This #GraphForThought examines the constraints countries are facing in vaccinating their populations.  

Learning from innovation in LAC: Listening the informal sector

Learning from Innovation in LAC is a thematic knowledge brief series jointly developed by the UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean and the UNDP Accelerator Labs. It seeks to…  

Your rights on the Internet

Your Rights on the Internet is a digital campaign that aims to inform and educate people on the terms of service and community standards for content moderation in three of the main Internet social…  

Blue Economy Scoping Study for Dominica

This document identifies possible opportunities and recommendations that could promote future growth and build resilience to future economic, environmental and physical shocks by integrating the blue…  

An uneven recovery: Taking the pulse of the Latin America and Caribbean Region following the pandemic

To continue monitoring how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the welfare of households in the region, the World Bank and UNDP have joined forces in the implementation of a second phase of…  

2021/22 Human Development Report to explore uncertainty in the Anthropocene

The report will explore how uncertainty in the Anthropocene is changing, what is driving it, what it means for human development and how we can thrive in spite of it.  

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