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Labor-Market Concentration and Earnings: Evidence from Chile

This paper studies the effect of labor market concentration on earnings in Chile over 2005- 2019  

Chile's Constitutional Convention: a triumph of inclusion

In a historical election, Chile elected for the first time a Constitutional Convention to write a new constitution; the first such institution in the world to have complete gender parity by design:…  

To build back better, Governments need to spend better: Chile is moving in that direction

For the Country Office in Chile, having been invited to take part in a group of experts to propose innovative means to support the State response is a testament to the trust our counterparts put in…  

Constitutional Plebiscite in Chile: a road to build a more inclusive and prosperous nation

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, exacerbated by the pandemic, the constitutional process has opened a precious opportunity to address citizens’ demands and build a new rapport with…  

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