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Citizen Engagement

Learning from Innovation in LAC is a thematic knowledge brief series jointly developed by the UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean and the UNDP Accelerator Labs  

The data revolution: from information to action and the transformation of citizen security

This policy brief offers lessons learned, methodologies and innovative practices on information management as a necessary condition for transparent and people-centred institutional action for citizen…  

When Juncture Meets Structure: Vignettes on Development and the COVID-19 Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean

The book “When Juncture Meets Structure: Vignettes on Development and the COVID-19 Crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean” is based on the “Graph for Thought” series, and brings together 30…  

Can Cash Transfers Increase Social Distancing During Covid-19? Evidence from Colombia

Governments around the world have used cash transfers to reduce human mobility during the current coronavirus pandemic, yet little is known about the effectiveness of this policy. We evaluate the…  

Understanding the COVID-19 response in Colombia using Mobility data

Despite widespread mobility restrictions to control the COVID-19 pandemic, controlled impact evaluations on their effectiveness are rare. While Colombia imposed a National Lockdown, various national…  

Food Assistance and Mobility During COVID-19 Lockdowns

This paper examines the effects of emergency food assistance on human mobility patterns between March and August of 2020. We study a large public-private initiative in Colombia, created to deliver…  

Understanding the Effect of Compliance with Quarantines and Lockdowns on Domestic Violence Occurrence in Bogotá

Quarantines and lockdowns due to COVID-19 have had multiple social effects in terms of family isolation, economic uncertainty and general stress that led to a potential increase in domestic violence  

Unequal Response to Mobility Restrictions: Evidence from the COVID-19 Lockdown in the City of Bogotá

This paper examines the efficacy of government-mandated mobility restrictions on curbing urban mobility, paying special attention to spatial heterogeneity in lockdown compliance.  

Moral Force: Leaders’ Actions and Social Distancing

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders’ actions can influence whether individuals stay at home or ignore social distancing orders. Mexican President López Obrador held public events in…  

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