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Small businesses, big impacts: Supporting productive SMEs as an engine of recovery in LAC

This #GraphForThought focuses on how the pandemic has impacted Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in LAC. In LAC, as in many middle-income and low-income countries, SMEs are a primary source of…  

The Last Bastion of Recovery: Innovative and Effective Governance at the Local Level

Tendencies and innovations in local governance in Latin America and the Caribbean have a common denominator: the use of data and evidence as fundamental inputs for management.  

Paraguay is the first country adopting SDG Bonds within its national regulation

Paraguay is the first country in the region to typify and incorporate guidelines for the emission of SDG bonds in its national regulation. The national securities regulatory body – Comisión Nacional…  

"You are on Mute”: Why internet access is not enough for ensuring inclusive digitalization in Latin America and the Caribbean

As Covid-19 began taking root all over the world, access to digital technologies suddenly became one of the most important determinants of people's well-being. Internet access at homes is the main…  

The impacts of COVID-19 on women’s economic autonomy in Latin America

The challenges posed by the current crisis reaffirm the need to strengthen gender focused policies with a greater consideration of women’s employability and feminized working sectors.  

The Virus and the Votes: How is COVID-19 changing voter turnout in LAC?

This #GraphForThought focuses on elections, and explores how voter turnout has changed during COVID-19 in the region—and reflects on what we can learn from this past year’s experience to ensure that…  

To build back better, Governments need to spend better: Chile is moving in that direction

For the Country Office in Chile, having been invited to take part in a group of experts to propose innovative means to support the State response is a testament to the trust our counterparts put in…  

Racing against the virus: An early look at the state of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in LAC

This #GraphForThought looks at the data on vaccination procurement and vaccination administration in the LAC region to offer an early look at the current state of affairs.  

We cannot perpetuate the male model as the universal one. When are we going to learn?

COVID-19 ha creado una crisis sin precedentes que ha revelado y exacerbado grietas existentes en nuestras sociedades como son las grandes desigualdades estructurales, muy especialmente las…  

Transformations Towards Inclusive Justice with Innovation And Resilience

Although Covid-19 initially led to a public health crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, it soon also became a crisis of governance with unprecedented economic, social and political consequences…  

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