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Learning from the recent past to build forward: Five COVID-19 lessons for recovery

As 2021 draws to a close, we have learned even more. In this post, I revisit 5 #GraphForThought entries from this year which jointly remind us of the enormity and urgency of the challenge we are…  

Easier said than done: Gaps in the vaccination process in Latin America and the Caribbean

This #GraphForThought examines the constraints countries are facing in vaccinating their populations.  

Closing schools: Big and unequal learning losses in LAC

Compared to other world regions, LAC has faced some of the longest durations of school closures during the pandemic.  

Justice Delayed: Four out of ten people are imprisoned without a conviction in Latin America and the Caribbean

This #GraphForThought focuses on the number of people who are in prison without a conviction, in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Gender Penalties of the Pandemic: The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women’s labor market outcomes

This Graph For Thought revisits the question of how COVID-19 has deepened pre-existing gender inequalities in the labor market, but uses additional data on household composition to explore this issue…  

COVID-19 and Wealth at the Top: More and Wealthier Billionaires After the Crisis in LAC

According to data from the World Inequality Database in Latin America, before the COVID-19 crisis (2019) the Top 1% of the income distribution captured 27% of all pre-tax national income, while the…  

Small businesses, big impacts: Supporting productive SMEs as an engine of recovery in LAC

This #GraphForThought focuses on how the pandemic has impacted Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in LAC. In LAC, as in many middle-income and low-income countries, SMEs are a primary source of…  

"You are on Mute”: Why internet access is not enough for ensuring inclusive digitalization in Latin America and the Caribbean

As Covid-19 began taking root all over the world, access to digital technologies suddenly became one of the most important determinants of people's well-being. Internet access at homes is the main…  

The Virus and the Votes: How is COVID-19 changing voter turnout in LAC?

This #GraphForThought focuses on elections, and explores how voter turnout has changed during COVID-19 in the region—and reflects on what we can learn from this past year’s experience to ensure that…  

Racing against the virus: An early look at the state of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in LAC

This #GraphForThought looks at the data on vaccination procurement and vaccination administration in the LAC region to offer an early look at the current state of affairs.  

What we knew then, what we know now: Looking back on COVID-19 in 5 Charts

Looking back on 2020 through the lens of #GraphForThought, it is evident how quickly both the development concerns in the region shifted as well as the data available to understand them. In LAC, we…  

30 Years of Human Development in LAC in 5 Graphs

The 1990 HDR was the first major milestone in moving empirically in this direction with its creation of the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI was an effort to move beyond income to also consider…  

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