UNDP in Latin America and the Caribbean

 Young indigenous Wounaan woman in ColombiaPhoto: UNDP Costa Rica

The Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) serves as headquarters for UNDP’s regional programmes and our offices in 26 countries—covering 42 countries and territories.

The Bureau is headed by UNDP Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Luis Felipe López-Calva, and Deputy Director Lenni Montiel. In Panama, José Cruz-Osorio is the Director of the Regional Hub in Panama supporting all our country offices.

Across Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP works mainly with governments, but also with civil society organisations and the private sector, developing national and local capacities and building stronger institutions that offer quality services for citizens.

Our overall goal is Latin America and the Caribbean is to boost human development—improve lives, empower citizens and build more resilient nations—by:

  • Fostering inclusive economic growth and productivity through value chains, employment and livelihoods
  • Moving towards social protection with universal and inclusive approaches
  • Increasing focus on excluded and vulnerable groups
  • Supporting countries to sustainably manage natural resources and govern extractive industries.
  • Boosting the political participation and inclusion of women, youth, people of African descent and indigenous peoples
  • Strengthening the State’s capacity to deliver quality services to excluded populations at the national and local levels
  • Strengthening citizen security through engagement and capacity development
  • Promoting resilience with a focus on climate change and disaster preparedness
  • Bringing countries together, in the region and beyond: South-South cooperation
  • Gender equality

Organizational Structure

In addition to the headquarter-based oversight, management, and strategic guidance, our region-wide initiatives, programmes and country support greatly rely on our Regional Hub in Panama. The Hub ensures effective, timely and responsive support tailored to the needs and priorities of UNDP’s offices in 26 countries, quickly mobilizing support by connecting our country offices and national partners to UNDP’s global network of development experts, from the Regional Center, from UNDP HQ and other UN agencies.

Moreover, in each country office, the UNDP Resident Representative normally serves as the United Nations Resident Coordinator.







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