UNDP LAC Policy Notes


The purpose of the UNDP LAC Policy Notes series is to make visible the work carried out by our offices in the region. The series collects experiences and work on public policy issues on which UNDP has accompanied national and sub-national governments of Latin America and the Caribbean in their decision-making processes. 

These notes are published in the language in which they were produced. Notes originally written in Portuguese or French will be translated to facilitate their dissemination.


No 4 Digital Inclusion and Human Development

María Laura Alzúa y Gabriela Catterberg (UNDP Argentina)

Available in Spanish

No 3 A new approach to UNDP social protection and promotion in Haiti

David Bardey (Universidad de Los Andes)

Available in English and French

No 2 Structural Challenges of Social Policies: A Time of Opportunities

María Laura Alzúa and Gabriela Catterberg (UNDP Argentina)

Available in Spanish

No 1 Targeting transfers to the vulnerable population during COVID-19 in Honduras

Mónica Pinilla-Roncancio (OPHI and Universidad de Los Andes) and Andrés Ham (Universidad de los Andes)

Available in Spanish




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