Dominica: Social and Livelihood Assessment following Tropical Storm Erika

07 Jan 2019

A team of Assessors was commissioned by the UNDP on behalf of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GCOD), in January 2016, to undertake a Social and Livelihoods assessment of the impact of TS Erika. The team arrived in Dominica for a two week period (January 18-29) in order to conduct its investigations and presents its findings through this report
 The Social and Livelihoods Assessment following the Impact of TS Erika situates itself within the framework of social vulnerability and disaster risk reduction. In keeping with the PDNA methodology which undertakes assessments using both a sectoral approach and a bottom up approach, this Social and Livelihoods Assessment, used as its point of departure the data sets and outputs of the Rapid Damage and Impact Assessment (September 2015). Its analysis occurs through a focus on the affected population, the social sector – housing, education, health with specific examination of the social protection measures; and the productive sector, particularly agriculture, tourism and commerce

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