COVID-19 Policy Documents Series

Proposals of solutions for the crisis

This series aims at drawing from UNDP's own experience and knowledge globally and from the expertise and capacity of our partner think tanks and academic institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote a collective reflection on the response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis and its economic and social effects on our societies.


Introduction Evidence, Experience, and Pertinence in Search for Effective Policy Alternatives

Luis F. Lopez-Calva, UNDP-LAC Director.

No 1 A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing the Economic Impact of COVID-19 and its Policy Implications

Constantino Hevia and Andy Neumeyer. Universidad Torcuato di Tella. 


No 2 Suggestions for the Emergency

Santiago Levy. March, 2020. Brookings Institute.

No 3 The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Venezuela: The Urgency of External Financing

Daniel Barráez and Ana María Chirinos-Leañez. UNDP Venezuela.


No 5 Covid-19 and external shock: Economic impacts and policy options in Peru

Miguel Jaramillo and Hugo Ñopo, GRADE Perú.



No 6 Social and Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Policy Options in Argentina

María Laura Alzúa and Paula Gosis, CEDLAS and PEP.


No 7 International financial cooperation in the face of Latin America's economic crisis 

José Antonio Ocampo, Columbia University.



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