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Business and Human Rights: Essential For A Better Future

The pandemic was and still is a disaster for many businesses. Yet, it could also be a momentum to reshape state-business partnerships and to encourage companies to act respecting human rights, to…  

Caribbean leaders discuss advancing human rights and socio-economic inclusion of LGBTI people

In the past two decades, the LGBTI global movement has achieved impressive results in reducing discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.…  

COVID-19 must be addressed through international solidarity and cooperation

UN Agencies part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNSDG LAC) expressed their concern over the profound health, social, protection and economic…  

GANHRI Annual General Conference

Statement delivered by UN ASG Asako Okai, Director of UNDP's Crisis Bureau  

Addressing the Development Dimensions of Drug Policy

Evidence shows that in many countries, drug control policies and related enforcement activities focused on reducing supply and demand have had little effect in eradicating production or problematic…  

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