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COVID-19 must be addressed through international solidarity and cooperation

UN Agencies part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNSDG LAC) expressed their concern over the profound health, social, protection and economic…  

One governance challenge, three vaccines

For middle-income economies, struggling to become middle-class societies, like those in Latin America and the Caribbean, governance turns out to be the most relevant instrument for recovery.  

“No somos ni de izquierda, ni de derecha”: Reflections on the role of governance failures associated to the recent social unrest in Latin America

As this #GraphForThought shows, while experts across all countries consistently ranked social inequality and corruption among the top three causes, depending on the country—other factors mattered a…  

A view from the bottom-up: “Civil Society Space” in Latin America and the Caribbean

An important way by which democratic societies advance progress toward achieving these goals is by engaging citizens. We can think in particular of four complementary pillars by which citizens play a…  

Accountability In A Time Of Misinformation: Going Beyond Transparency In Latin America and the Caribbean

According the 2018 Reuters Institute Digital News Report, citizens in LAC countries are facing high exposure to false information, and are very concerned about what news is real and what news is fake…  

Killing Development: The Devastating Epidemic of Crime and Insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Development is a very uneven process, accompanied by heterogeneity in outcomes across sectors, across regions and across income groups. Such process, Albert Hirschman elegantly established about 60…  

Ruling for the few? How weak legitimacy can hinder compliance and cooperation in LAC countries

The increasingly widespread belief that countries are governed to benefit “the few” rather than “the many” suggests that the legitimacy of institutions may be declining in the region.  

UNDP supports governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to accelerate the progress of SDG 16 to consolidate just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Violence, crime, insecurity, high rates of femicide, corruption, impunity, as well as polarized contexts continue to hinder the development of Latin America and the Caribbean and threaten their…  

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