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How Ecuador is protecting the Amazon Forest

Ecuador is a mega-diverse country with 51.2 percent of its continental territory covered by native forests, of which 74 percent is in the Amazon region. This region covers a total area of 120,000…  

Leaving a good footprint in Latin America

For almost a decade, we at UNDP have been exploring how to give more space to the private sector in climate action, most recently with the assistance of the NDC Support Programme and the Climate…  

2021 GEO SDG Award goes to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

The recognition comes at a time when the planet is facing a global biodiversity emergency, a climate emergency, and a public health emergency, all stemming from the destruction of nature.  

The case of Paraguay: Innovation and energy efficiency for sustainable development

In the field of energy sustainability, UNDP has been promoting the exchange of knowledge, information and good practices between countries at a global level. In Paraguay, it published the National…  

UNDP Administrator starts mission in Haiti

The Administrator will meet with government officials, members of civil society, United Nations Country Team and will visit the affected areas struck by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake last Saturday.  

Gender equality: the catalyst that will allow us to design effective intervention strategies for all in LAC

Promoting gender equality is not an issue that is simply added on but an essential component for achieving environmental objectives and goals.  

European Union and UNDP boost partnership on disasters preparedness in Latin America and the Caribbean

The regional collaboration between the EU and the UNDP has shown positive results in 2020, notably in Ecuador and across the Caribbean, a trend that mirrors a global partnership that has seen the…  

Walking the talk towards a sustainable future

Through these actions, we are walking the talk and leading the fight to mitigate climate change from the inside out. Our goal is to have a carbon neutral Country Office in the coming years and set an…  

COVID-19: an opportunity to rethink the disaster risk governance for more resilient nations

Today this issue is more relevant than ever and the role of society and governance structures are essential to reduce the levels of impact of crises and achieve a sustainable recovery. Crises require…  

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