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COVID-19: an opportunity to rethink the disaster risk governance for more resilient nations

Today this issue is more relevant than ever and the role of society and governance structures are essential to reduce the levels of impact of crises and achieve a sustainable recovery. Crises require…  

No culpes a la playa: Tourism and the LAC economies during the pandemic

For Caribbean countries, which rely strongly on tourism, the economic consequences of these measures are proving to be extremely severe, and the outlook for recovery dire.  

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Prepared Caribbean: #WeAreInThisTogether COVID19

This video explores the theme of COVID-19 providing Caribbean countries with the main elements to preserve the health and dignity of people.  

Video case study: Cuban model of SSC in EWS

This document titled “Community Disaster Support Team in Dominica: A closer look at sustainability and response” presents IFRC’s work in Dominica as a result of Hurricane Maria, and touches upon their…  

Systematization of Webinar Series on Disaster Preparedness and Gender: from data collection to impact analysis

The webinar series consisted of three webinars, that build upon each other and provide guidance on how to effectively mainstream gender in disaster preparedness from data collection to impact…  

Webinar 3 : Gender Impact Analysis : Highlighting and connecting the dots with the environmental, developmental and DRR agendas

This webinar conducted by UNDP and UNDRR, describes the main gender mandates included in the Global Agendas for the environment, DRR and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the…  

Webinar 2 : Data Analysis with a gender lens: best practices to conduct a gender analysis that ensure preparedness plans are sustainable and effective

This webinar conducted by UNDP defines the key elements of a gender analysis of SADD data relevant to disaster preparedness, shares best practices to conduct a gender analysis with the SADD data…  

Webinar 1: Essential SADD: the right data and tools for gender responsive preparedness and inclusion

This webinar conducted by OCHA defines SADD indicators and data that countries must have as part of their preparedness for disasters, it highlights tools and methodologies to collect and analyze SADD…  

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