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The Bahamas Country Note: Impact of COVID-19 and policy options

This paper reviews the economic and social situation in The Bahamas and describes the policies implemented for the containment of the crisis. It also proposes moving from food assistance for sectors…  

Social and Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 and Policy Option in the Dominican Republic

This document presents a description of the current situation of the economy and the policies that the government has implemented since mid-March, analyzing their relevance, evaluating their fiscal…  

Temporary Basic Income to protect the world's poorest people could slow the surge in COVID-19 cases, says UNDP

The report, Temporary Basic Income: Protecting Poor and Vulnerable People in Developing Countries estimates that it would cost from $199 billion per month to provide a time-bound, guaranteed basic…  

Coordination in emergency situations: The Seamos Uno campaign in Argentina

By Mariano Tommasi y Manuel Franck, Center of Studies for Human Development, University of San Andrés.  

A greater tragedy than we know: Excess mortality rates suggest that COVID-19 death toll is vastly underestimated in LAC

In order to effectively combat COVID-19, it is critical that we know the true extent of the challenge that we are facing. The difficult and urgent policy decisions that governments are making are…  

Working in Times of Pandemic: Only one in five workers in LAC can actually work from home

On average in LAC countries, only 20% of jobs can be done from home—deepening concerns of macro and micro level economic resilience during COVID-19.  

Older people in Argentina: Various disadvantages in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

By Jorge Paz, Principal Investigator, Conicet – Full Professor, UNSa.  

People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the face of COVID-19

By Por Juan Pedro Ronconi y Delfina Vernet Ayerza. Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo Humano (CEDH).  

Multidimensional vulnerability of children and adolescents in Argentina to the pandemic

By Jorge Paz, Principal Investigator, Conicet – Full Professor, Universidad Nacional de Salta.  

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