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The new inequalities and people-to-people social protection

The pandemic calls for new thinking about social protection, beyond what governments, large corporations, large foundations and individual philanthropists can do.  

A view from the bottom-up: “Civil Society Space” in Latin America and the Caribbean

An important way by which democratic societies advance progress toward achieving these goals is by engaging citizens. We can think in particular of four complementary pillars by which citizens play a…  

In defense of nature: women at the forefront

Women, especially indigenous, are particularly vulnerable to environmental-related violence – roughly 50% of female activists murdered for defending land and environmental rights.  

Think globally, act locally

The Small Grants Programme supports strengthening the Indigenous Peoples and Community-Conserved Territories and Areas, reviving and promoting traditional knowledge.  

5 lessons that can help us understand what it means to be intersex and what are the inclusion challenges they face

En América Latina y Caribe, las personas intersex tienden a ser víctimas de discriminación, exclusión, tratamientos médicos innecesarios, violencia e invisibilización, aunque gracias a los esfuerzos…  

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