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Labor-Market Concentration and Earnings: Evidence from Chile

This paper studies the effect of labor market concentration on earnings in Chile over 2005- 2019  

European Union and UNDP boost partnership on disasters preparedness in Latin America and the Caribbean

The regional collaboration between the EU and the UNDP has shown positive results in 2020, notably in Ecuador and across the Caribbean, a trend that mirrors a global partnership that has seen the…  

Transformations Towards Inclusive Justice with Innovation And Resilience

Although Covid-19 initially led to a public health crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, it soon also became a crisis of governance with unprecedented economic, social and political consequences…  

What we knew then, what we know now: Looking back on COVID-19 in 5 Charts

Looking back on 2020 through the lens of #GraphForThought, it is evident how quickly both the development concerns in the region shifted as well as the data available to understand them. In LAC, we…  

30 Years of Human Development in LAC in 5 Graphs

The 1990 HDR was the first major milestone in moving empirically in this direction with its creation of the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI was an effort to move beyond income to also consider…  

Corruption: the other global pandemic to eradicate

Corruption undermines any prospects for sustainable development and is a detour away from Agenda 2030. It significantly contributes to poverty, functioning effectively as a regressive tax that…  

The Socio-Economic Implications of COVID pandemic: Ideas for policy action. Volume 2: Country notes

The second volume is a compilation of country-specific analyzes that address the particular situation faced by some economies in the region.  

Stand by me: COVID-19 and the Resilience of Remittance Flows to LAC

While the remittances in LAC have shown remarkable resilience in 2020, it is unclear that this will remain the case until 2021. As countries continue to make progress in the fight against COVID-19, it…  

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