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The Governance Management Project, which operates under the UNDP Regional Directorate for Latin America and the Caribbean, is designed to strengthen the capacities of institutional management for democratic governance. The tools developed as part of this project can be seen operating in management systems known throughout the region as SIGOB.

The Objective of SIGOB is to develop methodologies and tools that support political action by the government’s senior management and contribute to producing and maintaining the conditions necessary for democratic governance. These tools are aimed at reducing the gap between the decisions made by the initiators of governmental political action and the capacity of the Executive to carry out such decisions.

The characteristics of SIGOB are as follows:

1. It facilitates external transparency (as seen by citizens) as well as internal transparency (as seen by government actors);

2. It contributes to the effectiveness of policies, with indicators for early alerts and operational solutions to obstacles, and to the execution of these policies;

3. It encourages high levels of interaction with citizens through access to information, the reception and systematization of public opinion, and the integration of these opinions into the co-management of policies;

4. It makes use of methods and media available for planning and strategic management with the aim of overcoming many of the challenges of human development not only in the medium and long term but also through short term actions, which shows management's adaptability in finding the time to manage conflicts without endangering governability;

5. It contributes to adjusting government policy actions to the law.

6. To make these characteristics more tangible in each SIGOB module, approaches are systematically integrated for guiding the formulation of policies, managing these policies, envisioning products that are interchangeable among the various participants, guiding methods of analysis, and offering software that supports processes and products while promoting interactive communication and techniques for organizational implementation learned over the course of 15 years of project operations. 


For further information click here: www.sigob.org

$ 565 million


Each year, UNDP invests an average of US $ 565 million to support inclusive governance and development where it affects people most: at the local level.

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