Santiago Peña

Paraguayan economist and former finance minister with national and international experience in the design and implementation of public policies.

Peña was educated in the United States and Paraguay. After graduating as an Economist in Paraguay, he studied Public Policy Administration at Columbia University in New York where he obtained a Master in Public Policy. After graduation, he returned to Paraguay where he taught at the Catholic University of Asunción as Associate Professor of Financial Theory and as Associate Professor of Economic Theory. He has also published research materials on monetary policy, the financial system and financial inclusion.

In 2000, Peña joined the Central Bank of Paraguay working at the Department of Economic Studies. In 2009, he was hired by the International Monetary Fund working as an economist responsible for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2012 he was appointed Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Paraguay and in 2015 as Minister of Finance, being responsible for the design and implementation of the government's economic policies. In June 2017, he resigned as Minister of Finance to run for president in the Colorado Party primary elections in December of that year. Santiago Peña currently works in the financial sector in Paraguay and regularly collaborates in different projects in Paraguay and the region.

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