Opportunities in the face of the governance crisis and democratic erosion

Faced with the current governance crisis, public, private and civil society institutions must guide the aspirations of citizens and transform them into concrete results.  

Leaving a good footprint in Latin America

For almost a decade, we at UNDP have been exploring how to give more space to the private sector in climate action, most recently with the assistance of the NDC Support Programme and the Climate…  

A Multidimensional Approach to Address Violence Against Women and Girls and Femicide/Feminicide in Latin America and the Caribbean

Despite the progress made in the region, impunity, as well as political and social tolerance, are still high, and the victims or survivors, especially those in vulnerable situations, continue to face…  

Promoting local development in Latin America through human mobility

On this Migrant Day, at UNDP we renew our commitment to continue creating spaces for dialogue and empowerment of the population in a condition of human mobility both with host communities and with…  

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