16 Days Are Not Enough – We Must Fight Violence Against Women Everyday

Each year starting on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, global advocates work tirelessly for 16 days of activism to draw attention to the high levels…  

Reinforcing Haiti’s capacities and resilience through quick data collection

Haiti has had a long history of natural hazards, including two earthquakes, as well as political instability and poverty. Over the years, Haiti's government and civil society have committed to…  

The case of Paraguay: Innovation and energy efficiency for sustainable development

In the field of energy sustainability, UNDP has been promoting the exchange of knowledge, information and good practices between countries at a global level. In Paraguay, it published the National…  

Closing schools: Big and unequal learning losses in LAC

Compared to other world regions, LAC has faced some of the longest durations of school closures during the pandemic.  

Justice Delayed: Four out of ten people are imprisoned without a conviction in Latin America and the Caribbean

This #GraphForThought focuses on the number of people who are in prison without a conviction, in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Gender Penalties of the Pandemic: The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women’s labor market outcomes

This Graph For Thought revisits the question of how COVID-19 has deepened pre-existing gender inequalities in the labor market, but uses additional data on household composition to explore this issue…  

Gender equality: the catalyst that will allow us to design effective intervention strategies for all in LAC

Promoting gender equality is not an issue that is simply added on but an essential component for achieving environmental objectives and goals.  

Equator Prize 2021 honors trailblazing Indigenous and local solutions for people and planet

Equator Prize winners demonstrate the benefits of placing Indigenous and local communities’ knowledge and practices of nature-based solutions at the heart of local development. At a time when we are…  

Celebrating Pride, inclusion and diversity all year long

Pride month is an opportunity to bring the LGBTI community together and to honour the history of the movement. It is the occasion to celebrate what has been achieved and to demand what is yet to be…  

Clearing the air: combatting information pollution to strengthen COVID-19 responses in Latin America and the Caribbean

To better understand the scale and nature of this challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP commissioned a social and digital media research study that analyzed the public digital sphere in…  

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