As of March 27th, there were a total of 10,154 cases across the region. It is important that countries take swift action to prevent the spread of the disease and to protect their populations.
Critical in responding to this disease is the need to “flatten the curve” This means implementing protective measures to slow down the spread of the disease such that the number of cases does not overwhelm the capacity of the health care system all at once.
Paraguay needed to support to reduce deforestation. And partly as a consequence of that destruction, the country was not able to fully realise the massive potential of its forests to support climate change mitigation.
Who would have thought that something invisible to the human eye, will stop people, all over Europe, and all over the world?
The site offers general tips and resources for users around the world to reduce the spread of rumors and connect with accurate health information.

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of the population are considered vulnerable


of the population lives in urban areas


of all legislators and senior officials are female


of the people in the region feel safe

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