Latin artist and showbiz experts deliver “Ecuador Aqui Estoy” Miami concert proceeds to UNDP

Jun 3, 2016

New York, June 3, 2016 – Ecuadorian artist and event producer Riccardo Perotti and Latin music showbiz managers met with UN Development Programme (UNDP) top officials in New York today to deliver ticket sales proceeds from the historic benefit concert #EcuadorAquiEstoy (Ecuador I am here for you), which took place in Miami on 11 May 2016.

Perotti handed a US$183,000 (net ticket sales) check, reminding the audience that advocacy efforts around the concert also helped raised over $23,000 through mobile text and online platform donations.

Ranked the most transparent development organization for the second consecutive year, UNDP will manage proceeds to continue placing earthquake-affected communities at the heart of the recovery process.

Salsa star Gilberto Santa Rosa, who is performing at Carnegie Hall this evening, was unable to attend the UNDP ceremony as planned due to a health issue. He asked Riccardo Perotti to read a message at the event:

“My message to the Ecuadorian people is that we are sending you tons of affection (cariño). Although major newspapers no longer highlight those affected by the earthquake we know that there are millions of women, men and children who still need support to recover their lives. I am happy to have taken part in the Miami concert and I am standing with the Ecuadorian people so they can get back on their feet,” salsa star Santa Rosa said.

“Our heartfelt thank you to all the amazing artists and also to the concert organizers, producers, directors, all the people who worked—the great majority of them pro bono—at the benefit concert for Ecuador,” said UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Jessica Faieta, receiving the check with the event proceeds.

More than $200.000 in donations to Ecuador will directly benefit over 3.000 people, including families who will rebuild their homes, local engineers and women and men who will be trained and temporarily hired in emergency cash-for-work programmes to build back better. UNDP’s recovery work is coordinated with Governmental agencies at the national and local levels.

“As an Ecuadorian this was my grain of sand to help support the people of my country,” said Luis Dousdebes, Latin Grammys CFO who helped organized the benefit concert for Ecuador in Miami. “It was an amazing effort to put this star-studded concert together in just 11 days and knowing that the funds were going to UNDP was a major part of the concert’s success: the transparency and the credibility encouraged artists want to support his cause.”

About #EcuadorAquiEstoy - UNDP launched the campaign "Ecuador Aquí Estoy", featuring Latin American music artists and sports celebrities to show solidarity with millions of earthquake-affected women and men in the country. In addition to the Miami concert, Latin artists held a concert in Quito on 15 May, gathering over 30.000 people.  The campaign site includes an online and mobile donations platform.


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