Ecuador: UNDP opens new office to boost recovery in earthquake-affected areas

Apr 22, 2016

New York/Quito - The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has opened a special recovery office in the coastal city of Manta, around 260km outside of Quito, to immediately initiate reconstruction in the most quake-affected areas. 
With nearly 7000 buildings destroyed and more than 1000 severely damaged, debris removal activities will begin in the next few days, offering emergency employment and opportunities to boost livelihoods in the hardest hit areas. Women and men will work in reconstruction, placing affected-communities at the centre of the recovery process and helping people resume their lives. 
UNDP has allocated half a million dollars as emergency funding in response to the earthquake, to boost recovery in affected areas, coordinating efforts with national authorities. 
An online and mobile donations platform is also collecting funds to support the quake-affected population. 
Donations received will be directed to five main areas: rehabilitation of key infrastructure, debris management, house repairs, short-term employment opportunities for affected communities and promotion of sustainable livelihoods.
UNDP, ranked the most transparent development agency worldwide for the second consecutive year, will be managing the funds working hand in hand with Ecuadorian agencies at the national and local levels, supporting the Government-led coordination with NGOs, UN agencies and other key partners.
UNDP has also deployed a team of experts to provide support in three areas: rapid assessment of damage and needs, recovery coordination and debris management—working hand in hand with Government agencies at the national and local levels.
UNDP experts will provide technical assistance on the adequate destruction of unsafe buildings and how to dispose of and recycle rubble, in line with the work done in the aftermath of other massive earthquakes, including in Haiti and in Nepal.

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