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Catch Me If You Can: A Few Thoughts On The Analysis Of Poverty Convergence In LAC

As the 2019 global MPI Report “Illuminating Inequalities” stresses, there is considerable heterogeneity among regions within countries (as is the case of Haiti, with a headcount of MPI ranging between…  

Women, Power, and the Changing Face Of Political Representation in LAC

Over the past several decades the face of politics has changed in many Latin American and Caribbean countries. Not only have women been elected to the highest office many times in Latin America and…  

Under the Mattress: Saving to be Safe in LAC

In LAC, rather, the majority of households turn to their family or friends for support. However, in the case of an aggregate shock—such as an earthquake or a hurricane—this mechanism evaporates. One…  

Leaving For A Better Living: Migration and Remittances in LAC

Migration in LAC is on the rise, and mostly driven by the people opting out of the social contract in places where development has resulted in unresolved, distributional tensions. However, for…  

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