UNDP rejects accusations from the Government of Nicaragua published by the press

Feb 16, 2016

UNDP strongly and categorically rejects the accusations expressed in a letter (Note Verbale) from the Government of Nicaragua addressed to UNDP and its staff, published by the national press today.

UNDP has not engaged in domestic politics nor funded political parties in Nicaragua or any other country. We serve the countries where we work— and their people – with no political affiliation or inclination.

UNDP uses official figures for its development-related publications.

UNDP deeply regrets the non-substantiated assertions made against UNDP staff by the authorities of Nicaragua, which lacked evidence that would enable us to take any necessary action, in line with our rigorous internal processes.

With 50 years of experience working with governments in over 165 countries and territories, UNDP is a trusted partner for sustainable development. Our work is in line with both national development priorities and UNDP’s global strategic plan and is conducted with technical excellence, political neutrality and transparency. We respect national sovereignty and are guided by the Charter of the United Nations, while our staff members also abide by the UN Code of Conduct, bound by an Oath of Office that requires impartiality and independence.

Our work in Nicaragua is no exception. UNDP has been a partner of Nicaragua since 1978, working closely with different governments across the political spectrum to jointly improve the lives of Nicaraguan women and men. Over the years, UNDP has mobilized significant funding with and for Nicaragua, helping the country access some US$270 million to support over 115 projects in the last 12 years.

Information about all UNDP projects, activities, funding, and results are open and publicly accessible. We take pride in being ranked the top performing development agency in the independently assessed Aid Transparency Index.

In view of the Government of Nicaragua’s decision, in September 2015, to assume a more direct role in implementing international cooperation projects—followed by written requests to close UNDP-supported projects—our operations in the country have immediately been reduced. In full respect of the national decision, projects are currently in their final stages of closure, with unspent funds being returned to donors at the national and international levels.

Following this substantial programme downsizing—and exclusively due to this reason—75 national employees will lose their jobs by May 2016. We reiterate our strong appreciation of and full confidence in the competence and high ethical standard of our staff in Nicaragua, sympathizing with the downsizing impact on the lives of our colleagues and their families. UNDP fully supports and is also thankful to the former UNDP management team, composed of two experienced and long-serving professionals, who recently left the country.

UNDP has recently undertaken two high-level missions to Nicaragua, in consultation with national authorities, to inform UNDP staff members of the restructuring process and to maintain a positive dialogue with the Government.

As UNDP high-level officials directly conveyed to the authorities of Nicaragua, UNDP reiterates its respect for national sovereignty and its readiness to support Nicaragua in its sustainable development efforts.e desarrollo sostenible. 

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