The Sustainable Development Goals and their implications for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Sep 25, 2015

New York, 25 September – On an historic day when the 193 UN Member States adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals our UNDP chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean George Gray Molina discussed the implications of the new global agenda for our region.

"The Sustainable Development agenda no longer works in silos: the idea is that sustainable development is holistic and multidimensional," George Gray Molina said. “It moves beyond the social and economic realm to include critical environmental issues—and they have to be tackled together. You simply cannot address education and health matters, separately and in a fragmented way. We must work the issues together and at all levels of government, central and local."

“We’ll be tailoring our approach, at UNDP, to each countries’ demands, needs and specificities,” Gray Molina explained. “Our development agenda is being thought in the long term, for the next 15 years. “

Challenges - The Caribbean itself has specific challenges such as fiscal policy space, climate resilience, youth employment and exclusions that certainly will be addressed in our partnership with governments in the region,” he added.

“Our upcoming Caribbean Human Development Report will be looking at multidimensional progress. This entails a vision of well-being beyond living above or below the poverty line. We will be gathering new indicators to measure multidimensional poverty and vulnerabilities to economic, financial and climate-related shocks.”

“The Sustainable Development agenda is crucial for the Caribbean and Latin America in the sense that it places special emphasis on boosting resilience and on achieving economic gains, but not at the expense of the environment.”

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