Guiding principles of South-South Cooperation

South-South Cooperation is guided by the principles of:

  • Respect for national sovereignty
  • National ownership and independence
  • Equality
  • Non-conditionality
  • Non-interference in domestic affairs
  • Mutual benefit


UNDP's support to South-South Cooperation in the region

  • Promote country-led dialogue, knowledge sharing and exchange for development, by providing technical and methodological support in the design and execution of the first regional South-South Cooperation Knowledge Fair in Latin America and the Caribbean, bringing together more than 300 participants from 24 countries, with 33 participating SSC initiatives. 
  • Facilitating regional South-South Cooperation policy dialogue fora: Hosting of the 2012 Regional Meeting of directors of country-level cooperation agencies/units from LAC.
  • Facilitating regional South-South interregional cooperation
  • Fostering visibility of best practices and South-South Cooperation initiatives from the region at the global level
  • Design and dissemination of tools to facilitate South-South Cooperation
  • Mapping of Multilateral support to South-South Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Towards Collaborative Approaches
  • Mapping of 33 South-South Cooperation initiatives from the region
  • Tools and methodologies for the capture, systematization, adaptation and transfer of succesful experiences and generated knowledge for facilitating South-South Cooperation:

                        - Communities of Practice Guide (English) (Spanish)

                        - Knowledge Fair Guide (English) (Spanish)

                        - Systematization for Knowledge Transfer Guide (English) (Spanish)