Collaborative project shows "One Day on Earth"

On 10 October, 2010, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) staff members in more than 100 countries worldwide took part in a collaborative film project to document the work of UNDP. For many, this was their first time using a video camera.

The result of their collaborative efforts is an 8 minute film highlighting the breath of UNDP’s impact. It offers a glimpse into the daily operations of country offices across the globe, showcasing what UNDP does and how it manages its global partnerships. The film also highlights the diversity of cultures with which UNDP works and emphasizes the particular UN priority issues and Millennium Development Goals that UNDP addresses.


  • An 8 minute film highlights the breadth of UNDP's influence, showing snapshots from every country on earth in a 24-hour period.
  • The film includes footage sent in by UNDP staff across the globe, and will soon be expanded into a feature-length documentary.
  • UNDP has 129 country offices worldwide and is present in 176 countries and territories.

The finished product, entitled “One Day on Earth,” takes on the form of a collage, capturing unprecedented video snapshots from every country on earth in a 24-hour period. In total, 16,000 filmmakers from over 190 countries helped to document the countless stories of triumph, tragedy, hope and fear that take place in the world each day.

Currently, the “One Day on Earth” initiative is producing a feature-length documentary that will be released later this year. The initiative has also created an unprecedented video archive, which is available to the entire community of film contributors. The archive can be accessed via a searchable Geo-tagged online map at:

In order to ensure widespread participation in the filming process, the “One Day on Earth” initiative donated 120 high definition (HD) cameras to UNDP staff in various countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South Sudan and Venezuela. The filmmakers also received logistical support from their local and regional UNDP offices, including video data collection in areas of low bandwidth.

"The value of international media collaborations is not only in creating an expansive snapshot and new perspective, but also in establishing a shared project for the world to embrace and have fun with," stated Brandon Litman, co-founder and Executive Producer of "One Day on Earth."

On 11 November, 2011 (11.11.11), we hope to again participate in this global filming project. In doing so, we intend to continue linking the creative community to cause-based media creation.

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