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Panama: Islanders integrate biodiversity conservation

Residents of the Pearl Islands and other archipelagoes in the Gulf of Panama always got everything from the sea. But, according to the islanders, fish population has been steadily declining, and so have jobs. Andrés Ramirez, a boat captain who services commuters between the islands, faces a diminismore


Peru: Improving cook stoves and access to energy

by James Leslie Cooking on a wood fire has always required a great deal of effort for 48-year-old Pilar Valladolid. She is supported in this duty by her 8-year-old daughter, Pamela. Together they have to walk more than an hour to collect the firewood they will use to cook with during the coming daysmore


Reforestation project brings life and growth to Haitian communities

“Reforestation, that’s life. By reforesting the mountains, water sources will be protected and that will prevent landslides,” says Troimène Siméon, a member of a group of women working for the reforestation of the town of Aquin. “We had problems sending our kids to school. The reforestation project more

UNDP receives offers on project design for Central American Markets for Biodiversity

In Central America micro, small and medium size enterprises (SMMEs) are both vital for local economic growth but also contribute significantly to the loss of the region’s biodiversity. There is now an emergence of global markets for green products from sector such as tourism, agriculture, agroforestry (coffee and cacao), timber, shrimp farming and fisheries

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