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In Panama, land deeds help farmers protect forests

Melquiades Jaén, a farmer in the Capira district of Panama, has spent 45 years living and working on his 130 hectares: cultivating the land, taking care of it, grazing cattle there. But has hasn’t been able to hold in his own hands the title deeds for his farm – until now. The Capira district west omore


In Peru, new recycling organizations improve waste management

In the Peruvian district of Arequipa, Roque Flores Calle leaves his home in the suburbs from Monday to Friday to make a living for his family. Every morning he collects recyclable waste (plastics, bottles, cartons, cans) that local families provide. During weekends, he separates the materials for lamore


Light reaches rural communities in the Dominican Republic

After the fall of darkness in the town of La Cabirma, along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, the muted glow of kerosene lamps and cuaba, or pine kindling, used to be the only source of light for residents. While oil for kerosene lamps was expensive, eating away at villagers' meagremore


Nicaragua: Electricity empowers rural communities

Maribel Ubeda’s is among the 4,400 families from eight rural communities in Nicaragua who gained access to electricity when a new 300 kilowatt micro-hydropower plants was inaugurated by local authorities in her village. “When they first told us about this project, people in my community didn’t beliemore


Nicaraguan communities are adapting to climate change

Macario López Meléndez lives in Salale, a village in Nicaragua affected by climate variability: rain, high temperatures, hurricane winds, droughts and soil erosion. This humble smallholder farmer says that in the dry season of January to May, the community suffers from food and drinking-water shortamore

UNDP receives offers on project design for Central American Markets for Biodiversity

In Central America micro, small and medium size enterprises (SMMEs) are both vital for local economic growth but also contribute significantly to the loss of the region’s biodiversity. There is now an emergence of global markets for green products from sector such as tourism, agriculture, agroforestry (coffee and cacao), timber, shrimp farming and fisheries

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