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Eco-stoves empower indigenous women in Brazil

By Daniel De Castro and Jacob Said, winners of UNDP's second annual storytelling contest The sun was still rising and Delma Gonçalves, 41, had already spent two hours trekking to the place where she and the rest of her settlement collected firewood. The return trip was even worse: under the hot sun,more


Farmers' cooperatives increase food security in Cuba

Yudiel Mojena Guerra, a young farmer from eastern Cuba, was given land from the government as part of a strategy to increase domestic food production. So he started working at a run-down dairy farm, refurbished it, and bought some livestock. But like most workers in the non-state sector, he soon foumore


Fishing provides new jobs in Panama

Fishermen and women in the small fishing community of Guanábano in western Panama begin their work between three and four each morning. They fire up their boat engines and set out in search of a good place to cast their fishing nets. Once a good location is spotted, they cast their nets into the watmore


For one Honduran community, night lights up at last

Almost one century after the isolated village of Plan Grande in northern Honduras was founded, its inhabitants were still living in semi-darkness. To tackle this problem, a UNDP-supported project helped build a hydroelectric power plant, eliminating the use of fuel, candles and batteries. Of the 80 more


In Brazil, UNDP steps up CFC-elimination project

Brazil, a land of great beauty and even greater potential, is an economic engine of Latin America and the fourth most populous democracy in the world. But with this great potential comes an even greater danger, as the specter of climate change looms large on the horizon. In 1993, the United Nations more

UNDP receives offers on project design for Central American Markets for Biodiversity

In Central America micro, small and medium size enterprises (SMMEs) are both vital for local economic growth but also contribute significantly to the loss of the region’s biodiversity. There is now an emergence of global markets for green products from sector such as tourism, agriculture, agroforestry (coffee and cacao), timber, shrimp farming and fisheries

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