Energy & Sustainability

Environment, Energy and Sustainability are essential to create sustainable human development. If there is no equality in access to energy and environmental awareness the most vulnerable groups - the poor, women, children and indigenous communities - will suffer most from the impacts of environmental degradation. The challenges in the area of Environment and Energy cannot be addressed only locally, since individual countries may face problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss or disappearance of the ozone layer.

Latin America and the Caribbean has one of the greatest endowments of natural capital in the world, with an extraordinary array of goods and services provided by the region's rich plant and wildlife. UNDP works mainly with governments, but also with civil society and private sector partners to maintain and restore countries' natural capital and unlock its full potential to support human development.

Energy & Sustainability

Sustainability & Development of natural resources in the Basin of the Bay of Jiquilisco in El Salvador | UNDP ART Programme Photo: UNDP El Salvador

Our programmes in coordination with sister UN agencies and governmental counterparts combine the work on biodiversity and ecosystems with issues of poverty, governance and crisis prevention.

Latin America and the Caribbean is the second most prone region to extreme flooding, landslides, earthquakes and droughts. In addition, it is anticipated that climate change will increase the impact of natural disasters, which affect the poor disproportionately.

UNDP works with countries to:

- Design green low emissions, climate-resilient development strategies and implement economic policies that support sustainable development.                                                       - Support countries as they build appropriate mitigation mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.                                                                                                                    - Adapt to climate change, including managing and rehabilitating ecosystems for adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change.                                                                                         - Capacity building to access climate change financing.                                                         - Manage risks, including natural disasters, while boosting knowledge management.                                                                                                                      - Supply low-cost renewable energy to disadvantaged groups in remote areas.

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    Brazil, a land of great beauty and even greater potential, is an economic engine of Latin America and the fourth most populous democracy in the world.more

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