Focus Areas

Biodiveristy & Ecosystems

Latin America and the Caribbean are amongst the most bio-diverse regions of the world with 6 of the 17 mega diverse countries that harbor 70% of global biodiversity. A total of 861 million hectares of natural forest cover 42% of the region landmass. However, the fast rate of development in the region has come at a price to the environment, in view of the fact that the economies of these countries are still strongly dependent on natural resources. About the projects

Water & Oceans

International Waters (IW) interventions focus on transboundary water systems, such as river basin where water flows from onecountry to another; multi-country lake basins; groundwater resources shared by several countries; or large marine ecosystems (LME) bounded by more than one country. With the support of UNDP, countries work with their neighbors to modify human activities – including agriculture, industry, mining, water and other resource of extraction, fishing and wastewater management – that place ecological stress on the water systems and degrade them, often affecting their downstream use by another country or community. In this way, water use conflicts can be prevented, security and livelihoods improved, habitats protected, health risks minimized and water resources used sustainably for the benefit of all. About the projects

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the key challenges of our time. It is undeniable that human activities are significantly changing the climate of our planet, increasing our vulnerability and the climate risks faced by humanity. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are the main source of energy today, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, transport, industrial production and supply of electricity. This energy system generates about 80% of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to climate change About the projects

Ozone & Chemicals

The use of chemicals permeates modern life. We use them for the production of agricultural chemicals, refrigerants, life-saving medicines, aerosols, purification agents for treating drinking water supplies, fire-fighting chemicals, polyurethane foam to better insulate buildings, mercury used in medical devices, and so on. About the projects