Projects & Initiatives


Virtual School

The virtual school provides training in applied sciences for social transformation. It is oriented toward two different academic areas, which are the basic paradigms of the UNDP: Human Development and Democratic Governance. more


PAPEP - Analysis and Citizen Democracy

PAPEP provides efficient, high quality solutions to the requests from governments and society in regards to technical support in multi-actor initiatives and building and development of capabilities in democratic dialogue. The project contributes to the prevention of conflicts and the strengthening of democratic governance. more


Democratic Dialogue

The Democratic Dialogue Project offers an effective and quality response to UNDP Country Offices related to demands coming from governments and societies with respect to technical support to multiactor dialogue initiatives, and capacity building and development for democratic dialogue. It is through these actions that the Project contributes to conflict prevention and the strengthening of democratic governance. more

SIGOB - Management System for Governance

The Governance Management Project, which operates under the UNDP Regional Directorate for Latin America and the Caribbean, is designed to strengthen the capacities of institutional management for democratic governance. The tools developed as part of this project can be seen operating in management systems known throughout the region as SIGOB.. more


Youth Voices

“Juventud con voz” is a forum created by young leaders to promote meetings and open debates between the youth of Latin America. It is a tool that allows the proposals of the young people of the region to be heard. Its purpose is to contribute to human development and the strengthening of young political and social leaders in the region, so that they can analyze, comment, report and debate topics regarding citizen participation, democracy, and the Post 2015 Agenda. more


Somos Afro

Afro-descendants represent almost 30% of the population of Latin America and they suffer from high levels of poverty and social exclusion. This blog is the result of a seminar for journalists from Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, and it is a window into the reality of the African population in the region and their cultural richness. more