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Strategic Political Advisory for Development

UNDP’s Strategic Political Advisory for Development Project (PAPEP, in the Spanish acronym) is network of a Latin American experts providing strategic political and guidance. Founded in 2001 in Bolivia, the project took a regional scope four years later.

PAPEP has had specific impacts in crisis prevention and management, promotion of democratic dialogue, public policy implementation and support for electoral cycles in 13 countries in Latin America. With its own innovative methodology, PAPEP produces political analysis at the regional, national and sub-national levels. The Project has also been supporting Arab States like Tunisia and Egypt, supporting their democratic transition efforts with adapted methodology from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Reports on the state of democracy

These reports examin democracies in Latin American countries with policy recommendations that range from the political and economic realms to citizen security and inclusion of women, indigenous peoples and afro-descendants in politics.

Our Stories

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