Democratic governance

Public opinion polls, such as LAPOP and Latinobarómetro, show that citizens in Latin American and Caribbean countries prefer democracy to other forms of government. Nevertheless, a substantial proportion of the population are not particularly satisfied with how their democratic systems perform (50.7% satisfied, 2014, LAPOP). Although poverty and inequality have been reduced and millions of people have been included in the middle classes in the last decade, the region still faces challenges. Therefore, promoting effective democratic governance systems, practices and principles is critical in addressing structural inequalities affecting Latin American and Caribbean societies.

Our goal

Under the Governance and Peacebuilding efforts, UNDP works to ensure inclusive and effective democratic governance, and is committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

The region still faces challenges: reversing inequalities, overcoming vulnerabilities, moving beyond extractive-based development models, designing comprehensive citizen security public policies and strengthening democratic governance, and the gap between citizen demands and public policy responses. Good governance promotes equity, participation, pluralism, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, in a manner that respects human rights and is effective, efficient and enduring. Photo: UNDP in Guatemalamore

Our stories

UNDP in Panama
In Panama, land deeds help farmers protect forests

31,182 hectares have been registered via the project, financed by about US $2.8 million from the Panama Canal Authority.more 

UNDP in Haiti
Haiti: Accessibility and women’s participation for better elections

The 2015 elections will require the registration of 6 million voters and the purchase of 42 million ballot papers.more 

UNDP in Guyana
Suriname: Boosting women participation in Parliament district by district

With support from UNDP and the national Parliament a total of 17 female politicians from different political parties were trained and equipped to mount public campaigns. more 

UNDP in Colombia
Colombians participate in the peace process

In 2012, the Colombian government and FARC-EP guerrillas began peace talks to end the 5-decade-long conflict which has killed more than 5 million people.more 

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