Crisis prevention & recovery

Disaster risks and its losses hinder development and hard won achievements in Latin America and the Caribbean. The poorest population is generally the hardest hit when disasters strike. Low income families are often devastated, further perpetuating inequalities. While we cannot prevent natural disasters, we know we can manage the risks. It is possible to reduce and even prevent further disasters in the region.

Our Goals

UNDP promotes economic and human development; helps communities prevent, prepare for and recover from natural disasters; supports the participation of women and marginalized populations and assists in conflict resolution. More

Crisis Prevention & Recovery

Photo: UNDP Haiti

Our Stories

  • Josiane Vesna of Bel Air, Haiti, clearing debris from her neighborhood. (Photo: UNDP)

    Haitians on the pitch for recovery

    Josiane Vesna is a resident of Bel Air, one of the most violent, poor, and garbage-filled zones in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Following the earthquake that devastated themore

Featured Publications
Bolivia's story of conflict, dialogue and peacebuilding

Between 2006 and late 2008, the discussion and approval of the constitutional project was the main source of political and social conflict in Bolivia. This report highlights the contributions and lessons learned from the United Nations and the United Nations Development Programme's intervention in Bolivia´s political crisis, especially in the National Dialogue process held between September and October of 2008, which led to the approval of the Constitution.

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