Citizen Security

Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

From 2000-2010, homicide rates across the region rose by 11 percent while declining in most regions worldwide. In countries with data for 1980-90, robberies have almost tripled over the last 25 years. What’s more, one in every 10 robberies involves violence, usually with firearms. One out of every 10 Latin Americans is a victim of domestic violence. On a typical day in Latin America, 460 people are victims of sexual violence, usually women.

Our Goals

UNDP addresses conflict prevention, public safety along with our efforts to enhance democratic governance and reduce inequalities in the region—ranging from social, economic, ethnic and gender-related.

Citizen Security

Photo: UNDP Paraguay

We work with governments, civil society organizations and communities to prevent armed political, social and armed conflict as well as curb insecurity and promote social cohesion. This is a necessary part of democratic reforms and institutional strengthening processes.