Knowledge, Innovation & Capacity


UNDP supports capacity development and knowledge management initiatives of national governments, civil society organizations, national and regional institutions and other stakeholders through advocacy, policy advisory and implementation services. Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity development are crucial elements of UNDP’s work in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the region, UNDP is working to support governments, UN System organizations and other partners in collaborating with other stakeholders; in sharing knowledge and in formulating and implementing sustainable development policies and programmes. From our regional center in Panama, UNDP promotes organizational learning, knowledge management, and a focus towards transferring and installing capacities in national counterparts, as a way of guarantying the sustainability of development results.

Capacity Development

Students from Paul Bogle High School, St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica attending one of the career days in agriculture. Photo: UNDP Jamaica/Laura Raccio

Our Goals

1.       Foster innovation – providing practical support to innovators in governments of the region as well as within UNDP by ensuring that the latest in expertise, methodologies, and partnerships are systematically available.  This happens through an outreach to partners in the field of innovation management, and the gradual introduction of innovation management as a standard service line available through UNDP.

2.       Build capacity (capacity development)- The closely inter-connected political, technical, governance and capacity responses required to meet the environmental, economic and social challenges of today cannot be dealt with the classical hierarchical structures, systems and single-issue focused capacities of the past. It will require emphasis on expanding collaborative and networking capacities across institutional, professional and constituency boundaries.

3.       Enhance knowledge sharing and management as a core function, by providing country offices with an increasingly diversified range of learning tools and methodologies such as the design of knowledge management strategies as well as knowledge capture, sharing and transfer.  

How we work

UNDP offers support in three large domains, which entail fostering capacity, innovation and knowledge, processes both internally and externally.

●  Technical support for the implementation of UNDP Regional Programme

●  Provision of advisory services for UNDP Country Offices, thematic clusters and institutions.

●  Provision of brokering services for South-South Cooperation

Facts and Figures

●    Provided methodological advice for the mapping of over approximately 800 development experiences since 2002 and in-depth documentation of more than 150 experiences.

●    Carried out and facilitated the development of 16 Knowledge Fairs, such as the Parliamentarian Women Fair (Madrid 2009), Public Security Fair (Brazil, 2009), Public Safety Fair (Panama, 2010); and Expopaz, Peace in the concrete Fair (Colombia, 2010)

●    Organized the First Regional South-South Cooperation Fair, Knowledge from the South, held in 2012 in Panama bringing together around 300 participants from 34 countries. 33 South-South Cooperation initiatives from 24 countries came together to share their experience, solutions and transfer mechanisms.