UNDP Regional Center in Panama

UNDP Center in Panama

The Regional bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean established the Regional Center in Panama (RSC LAC) in 2008, to bring corporate and regional policy, and advisory support, closer to where they are needed on the ground, and to make those services more responsive to country programme needs.

The Regional Center in Panama serves 24 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. RSC-LAC offers Country Offices (COs) and other clients readily accessible services, class advice and technical support, and a trustworthy source of knowledge, experiences, and resources provided by a group of experts and professionals. It works through its COs with governments and people to develop customized solutions to development challenges and thus help to strengthen local capacities.

The RSC for Latin America and the Caribbean is focused on strengthening the capacities of the country offices, which in turn assist governments and communities in achieving sustainable development and the MDGs. The Centre works around thematic and cross-cutting areas, management advice and operations, and support mechanisms:


  • Environment and Energy
  • Democratic Governance
  • MDGs, Poverty Reduction, and Human Development
  • Crisis Prevention and
  • Recovery


  • Capacity Development
  • South-South Cooperation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Gender
  •  HIV - AIDS
  • Evaluation


  • Communications
  • Regional Coordination (UNDG-LAC)


  • Management Support Centre
  • Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement
  • Information Technology and
  • Legal Support Unit


  • Communities of Practice
  • Associate Expert Network
  • Virtual School
  • Project implementation
  • Regional Programme

 In terms of services, the RSC LAC offers relevant support in:

  • Advocacy
  • Knowledge management
  • Policy advice and technical assistance
  • Capacity development
  • Alliances and resource mobilization
  • Management optimization
Rebeca Arias

Rebeca Arias is an economist and currently serves as Director the Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Panama. With over 20 years of experience with UNDP

Contact the Regional Center

Address: Building 128, City of Knowledge, Clayton, Panama City
Phone: (507) 302-4500
Fax: (507) 302-4551


Postal Address:
UNDP Regional Centre LAC
P.O. Box 0816-1914
Panama, Repúblic of Panama

Email:  rcpanama@undp.org

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