Pablo Ruiz

UNDP Regional Practice Coordinator (LAC)

Crisis Prevention and Recovery, UNDP Haiti

English, French, Spanish
Conflict prevention, Crisis prevention and recovery, Democratic Dialogue and Consultation, Disaster risk reduction

Pablo Ruiz coordinates UNDP Crisis Prevention and Recovery initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a portfolio of nearly US$500 million, promoting conflict prevention and democratic dialogue, citizen security and disaster risk reduction and recovery. He has held this position since 2009.

Mr. Ruiz has been working on crisis prevention and recovery issues for UNDP for the past 17 years. He was the senior adviser on post-crisis reconstruction processes in Haiti, Lebanon and Sri Lanka, where he spent most of his professional career. He has also worked for the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery in Geneva, supporting several countries such as Algeria, Angola, Madagascar, Mauritania and Somalia, and the inter-agency response following the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Mr. Ruiz coordinated the UNDP National Human Development Report in Haiti and was part of the editorial team of the global Human Development Report Disaster Risk: A challenge for Development.

Prior to working with UNDP, he worked for universities (researcher for the Jean Monnet Chair at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, teacher at Université de Toulouse le-Mirail, France), Chambers of Commerce, research institutes (IRELA, Centro de Investigaciones para la Paz) and NGOs in Spain.  

Mr. Ruiz has authored several publications. He is a law graduate (Madrid), and Communitarian Law (Rouen) and is a PhD candidate in International Economics and Development (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)


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Expert’s Publications
  • Government of Lebanon. Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Nahr el bared Crisis Appeal Post Conflict Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction. Background Paper for Donors conference. September 2007
  • UN/WB/ADB/IMF joint background note to the government on the National Development Strategy, member of the editorial/drafting team. 2006
  • Government of Sri Lanka/UN/WB/ADB/Red Cross/NGO Joint report “Post-Tsunami Recovery and reconstruction: Progress, challenges and way forward.” 2005

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