6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Where are we?

New HIV infections continue to decline in Latin America. However, the Caribbean sub-region shows among the largest proportion of maternal deaths attributed to HIV, second only to Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Altogether, access to treatment has expanded in Latin America and the Caribbean, covering 63 percent of people living with HIV in the region in 2010—the second highest coverage among developing regions, following Western Asia. Tuberculosis patients have also been successfully treated (77 percent of coverage).

HIV incidence rate (Estimated number of new HIV infections per year per 1000 people aged 15-49), 2001 and 2011HIV Incidence rate for 2001 and 2011

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Targets for MDG6
  1. Halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS
    • HIV prevalence among population aged 15-24 years
    • Condom use at last high-risk sex
    • Proportion of population aged 15-24 years with comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS
    • Ratio of school attendance of orphans to school attendance of non-orphans aged 10-14 years
  2. Achieve, by 2010, universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it
    • Proportion of population with advanced HIV infection with access to antiretroviral drugs