Sub-Regional Implementation Plan Report 2017. United Nations in Barbados and the OECS

07 Jan 2019

The present report captures the results secured across Barbados and the OECS through the UN Multi Country Sustainability Development Framework (MSDF) annual programming tool, Sub-Regional Implementation Plan (SIP) for Barbados and OECS and its Biennial Reporting mechanism. 2017 was a pivotal year for the partnership between the United Nations Development System (UN) and the countries of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. As seven independent states
and three overseas territories of the Eastern Caribbean work to fulfill the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, they grapple with the looming existential threat posed by the accelerating impact of climate change. To help the subregion achieve inclusive, sustainable
development, where no one is left behind, the UN is repositioning itself to work more cohesively, effectively and efficiently.
The 2017-2021 Regional Multi Country Sustainability Development Framework (MSDF), which began implementation in 2017, captures the spirit of this ambitious transformation. As the first regional UN Development Assistance Framework, it encompasses 18 countries and six UN country teams. This innovative structure allows the UN to function at the country level, while combining resources regionally to tackle overlapping problems

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