Human Development Report for Latin America 2013-2014

"Citizen Security with a Human Face: evidence and proposals for Latin America"


Despite social and economic advances in the last two decades, Latin America is still the most unequal—and the most insecure region in the world. The Human Development Report for Latin America reveals new data on how crime and violence impact the region, highlighting a series of policy recommendations to effectively improve citizen security.

"This UNDP report provides an excellent foundation for anyone trying to get to grips with Citizen Security in Latin America." - ANDREW PALMER, Americas editor, The Economist

"Due to its objectivity and sound analysis, as well as the relevance of its proposals for institutional reforms and public policies, this report will be a crucial point of reference for discussing and finding solutions to citizen insecurity, the main obstacle for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean." - ERNESTO ZEDILLO PONCE DE LEÓN; Former President of Mexico, Director of the Center for the Study of Globalization Yale University

"This report contributes a much needed reflection on a concept of security that prioritizes citizens. It also emphasizes the need to prevent and combat all forms of violence against women, from the private to the public spheres." - ANA PALACIO; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Member of State Council

"This UNDP report will be an essential point of reference for understanding citizen security in the region. It will contribute significantly to governments' challenge to improve public policies for citizen security and to avoid giving into the easy temptation of an 'iron fist' approach."     -JOSE MIGUEL INSULZA; Secretary General of the Organization of American States

"The report's findings will be a roadmap for governments, enabling them to gear public policies towards common solutions to the challenges of insecurity. The IADB contributed to the report through the costs of violence analysis, aiming to promote safer and more inclusive societies."  - LUIS ALBERTO MORENO; President of the Inter-American Development Bank


Launch LatAm HDR
Launch of the 2013-2014 Latin America Human Development Report on Citizen Security in New York (Photo: Fabrice Grover/UNDP)

The report has been launched in New York, Washington, Santiago, Madrid, Guatemala City, Strasbourg and Brussels.

Press Release
Citizen insecurity thwarts Latin America’s development, says UNDP

While poverty and inequality decreased in most of Latin America from 2004-2010, in more than half of the assessed countries homicide rates rose, even in countries with lower levels of poverty.

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