Peru: Sustainable cocoa that takes care of the environment

Cocoa crops grow in balance with local ecosystems and have a low impact on agricultural soils. However, they are also one of the main causes of deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon.

Costa Rica paves the way to end single-use plastics | Edgar Gutiérrez, María Esther Anchía and Alice Shackelford

On 5 June, World Environment Day, the country officially launched its National Strategy to replace the consumption of this type of plastic for renewable and water-soluble alternatives: those that biodegrade within six months.

Perking up the coffee business

In Peru, family producers are blazing a path toward green growth

Effective conservation and sustainable use of mangroves ecosystems in Brazil

Brazil has approximately 1,4 million hectares of mangrove (“manguezais” in Portuguese). This number leads Brazil to be ranked 2nd (right after Indonesia) in terms of extension of conserved area of this ecosystem in the world.

Ecuador to receive over US$80 million to curb deforestation

South American country to receive Green Climate Fund’s first support to UN programme to reduce emissions from deforestation

Ecuator Prize 2017 winners announced

40% of winners of global prize for local innovative solutions to tackle poverty, environment and climate change challenges are from Latin America and the Caribbean

Latinamerica and the Caribbean
Social and economic costs of Zika can reach up to US$ 18 billion in Latin America and the Caribbean

The epidemic will have a long-term impact, disproportionately affecting the poorest and most vulnerable communities, and could contribute to widening inequalities in the region.